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tv   [untitled]    May 6, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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>> thanks francis. and we are all very excited about sf 72 and we also have there is a hand out if you twaont pick it up, bay, 72 which just talks about and it is a presentation that is for the uasi actually but it talks about what we are doing with the same concept in the whole bay area region. our next quick presentation is from, it is our community partner update and we wanted to introduce the new ceo of the american red cross bay area chapter. mark cloustier and could you pronounce your last name? >> yes. and thank you, and i will respond to any prononesation of it, it is a real honor and a pleasure to be with all of you and i have been in this role now for ten months and actually in the process of joining the organization, it was in a major reorganization of how it delivers disaster service and one of the simpler changes is
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use asiana air crash as an example, in the old model we will have to report up to our national organization, and now we have been resourced and organized to move vertically so that instead of us coordinating upwards, we are coordinating with you and so as a part of that, we instituted a new disaster operations system which akin to a command system which positions us to take the feedback from you and the other partner and it has reduced our time on the scene by 20 minutes. and the other part of reengineering is that it is caused us to refocus on the whole disaster cycle, from preparedness to response to recovery. and for those of you who may have been involved over the years, we started with the prepare the bay area program, and this continues to our ready neighbors programs where we focus on the low income
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communities to build the resil ans and to expand for 72 hours and to become partner whens it comes time to open shelter and feed people and i want to remind you that the power of it is really the volunteers and we have 3,000 volunteers who are training in the bay area, but in the case of a disaster can help us to open the shelters and provide the medical and emergency nurse and mental health service and connect them to the family as cross the country and that we stand as a partner to actually be the army in the response and lastly, we have been much more successful and we are looking to improve on this to respond to a daily incidents and san francisco, county alone, we responded to 80 incidents, over the past nine months. and we have served 1100 individuals, and 255 families, and mostly in single and multiunit fires where we come
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in and go with the fire department, with our partner and we worked with the family to get them housed and get them income and get them replacement and replacement for the clothes and restabilize and we look forward to building the partnerships and thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. >> thank you, i guess that we can say that you are new for two more months, the first year. the honeymoon period. and welcome to our disaster council. this comes to the point in the program where we are not at a roundtable, but it is the roundtable discussion, so is there or are there any updates, comments, and i know that michael, you have had something and michael? >> greetings everyone, on wednesday, of this coming week we are going to be working with our partners and the san francisco inner faith are going to work with the partners from the emergency management and the american cross bay area chapter and the agencies responding to disaster and
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human services agency to recover the 5th bi annial workshop for congregations and unlike the other four, which have concentrated on catastrophic these are going to be looking at the role of the faith community in responding to every day disasters in particular fires. and we would welcome you and there is, a circular in your package if you would like to register and you are welcome to come it is a half day and free, we are going to be working with the bay share, sharing economy at the direct's discussion. >> any other comments or announcements? >> yes? brian? >> and this will be very quick, my name is brian and i am the executive director of sf card if you can't attend the
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conference we will be having a twitter feed, so, if you are big on social media, and hash tag it is sfic dpw 2014. and so, you know, follow along and a 10:20 is when our neighborhood table top discussion and that is where a lot of the action is going to take place. >> cool. >> any other announcements? is there any public comment? >> thank you, all for coming. and this meeting is adjourned.
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>> so become everybody this the may first thank you for jefferson city us for the celebration of asian pacific it's the international looibd to celebrate of the success around the world and may first, it the the state of hawaii with this we have a special, special hawaii culture and the asian panicking american heritage thank you for american ails for the hawaiian airlines thanks to hawaiian
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airlines. i know that ms. sue thank you. >> happy day. we're going to go around and you know the other neighborhoods. let's go back to the business of 14rg9 the business we have is telling the truth year in the city and county of san francisco many of you know apa heritage is at the national celebration started in 1978 around the country a lot of countries celebrate by in 1995 we celebrate a special time of the year with the apa family to come together and have our own celebration and get to know each other a little bit better we are troud from 2005 on we're celebrating our tenth year.
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we're excited it's not easy to start a new tradition we're happy this new tradition is here to stay. i was informed and received a text message that mei was in city hall earlier but had to rush to a medical appointment nothing serious but we're happy to have our past, present supervisor david chiu to welcome asian heritage month >> aloha. >> and happy mayday and lay day i want to thank you for coming to be part of my favorite moments when is the kickoff of apa i was talking about to comparing canning carman chiu in 2008, there was only one asian
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medical examiner now i'm honored to serve with 5 of us representing the diversity of our city with an asian-american mayor we've come a long way and may is wonderful to celebrate our east ailing o to our filipino community to our asian pacific islander community we celebrate our history from one hundred and 60 years ago to this past year to the generations of immigrants and celebrate the leadership if from our developments government and private sector. thank you to someone who's been structural to our tenth anniversary ms. chang thank you for your work (clapping)
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and claudine thank you four doing it for another 10 years. okay. we're continually recruiting for the leadership i also want to thank the corporate sponsors our heritage champions wells fargo and target and this academy of the art university let's give it up for our corporate sponsors those companies know that our city you are country and workforce is only as strong as our diversity leadership without further ado, i want to kick it over to claudine but my colleagues are going to say something we look forward to many parts my celebrations and implicit a much needed and much we'll say that
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over and over again, thank you and have a great afternoon >> i see that supervisor tang is here. >> thank you (clapping). >> thank you, everyone and thanks i want to emotional president chiu sponsor to the corporate sponsors and, of course, claudine chang i was look at the president jimmy carter'sers proclamations issued in 1979 i read it and it brought me back to how far we've come long he said we have not unfortunately appreciated all the talent of the asian-american
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until your ignition a nationaltion laws were directed against and during world war ii our jaiments were treated with superstition yet from china to korea and the philippines continue to look another american for hope and freedom and my parents saw that as well and many of your parents saw the opportunity during american so really today, i'm hoerpd eastbound here today how do you plead further we've got to go and 10 years and one hundred years from now. thank you for joining us in celebrating >> and carmen chow assessor (clapping.) thank you. good afternoon. i'm happy to be here at the ap
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organization kickoff again, i know that david mentioned his thanks to the organizing committee but thanks to claudine and france and rose chang who have been part of the committee this is the tenth year to celebrate the apa heritage day at city hall if not for you all your hard work we wouldn't be as successful i want to thank all the sponsors who have sponsored countless events. this is an important event to revoke the leader that are here and the contributions of the today's leader by all up and coming it's important to know that our history is being reported everyday the actions where you're a new emerging leader you all help to create that apa heritage history we're
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proud of. i want to thank all the folks who support the community and all the sponsors and leaders who take n this upon users and, of course, wherewith are we today we've got a board president who's been a president for 3 years so thank you defied for picking up that mantel (clapping). we have a wonderful mayor he'll express his regrets for not being here and, of course, katie chang who took the time to research jim write carter's work she is a great leader and i'm happy to be here to kickoff this event. thank you claudine
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(clapping.) thank you carmen. so for 10 years now this effort, of course, is supported by the mayor of the city and the board of supervisors and all the agencies that are very, very supportive to we want to thank our businesses and you community sponsors we couldn't you pull off the ceremony but through the month of may look for our ad on muni buses their distinguished looking. this is the image of this this is the reflection of the day it's here for vicky watchings team it's a very special thing for our anniversary so look at the buses. we want to thank our sponsors
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for mcthis happen we normally go avenue by the time but since this the the tenth anniversary i want to call up first, the one company that was here since 2005 this wasn't easy to convince someone the first year we're goor for it the community actually want to do this thank you wells fargo bank. here's our sponsors to say so few words >> good morning lots of important celebrations welcome to the apa heritage this is a celebration for all especially in the supply like san francisco that's the beacon for the nation we celebrate black history month
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and we celebrate this as claudine said wells fargo has been here for the last 10 years they understand the market in terms of our history and wells fargo has been connected to the xhintd communities from the beginning whether we started one hundred and 50 years ago testifying against the china's e chiropractors - inclusivey act the asians are part of our history we want to thank claudine and our elected officials for the last ten years of work setting up a celebration so folks from my generation can live in a city we anticipate so
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thank you (clapping.) >> thank you wells fargo and mark. maybe we should go back toal bat out of hell bet the academy of art the president is here with us today she was a judge for our awards last year and have done magnificent work dr. stevens (clapping.) thank you claudine and good morning it's a privilege to be here. the academy of art university is proud to extort or support the apa heritage month we've been proud supporters for the past 5 years and proud to be i realized we've supported 50 percent. so for some of you who don't know the academy the academy of the art university is a fabric
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of san francisco since 1929 i'm a native and my grandfather what a fine arts painter. i grew up with some of his artists and close friends one was a famous chinese watercolor it. i remember going to honks congress and don was 85 got up everyday and painted i influenced the academy from his foundation. added various times we were renters in chinatown so we feel a strong connection with san francisco. and the asian heritage in san francisco. for over 80 years our mission and commitment to art education
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s has not wavered i'm third generations i've stayed true to the design. the academy provides equal access and opportunity for those who want to achieve successful careers we've expanded to music and the academy their educating the students with the skills to be successful. we believe those creative industries will fill the innovative economic in the 21st century. the vast face pace world is driven by technology, innovation and creativity. and the hand of artists touches virtual everything we think of the clocks the cars you drive the bibles the movie you see and
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architecture and iphones and i tunes and web designs and game designs. accident creative market place expands the 0 globe and asian-americans are in the forefront of that and equally true within the university. from time to time i find it hard to believe that people still say gee the academy has to some asian students i say maybe but the asian students they set the standards at our school they're the best students we're proud over 25 percent of our students identify themselves as either asian or asian-american. we like to think that you are school reflects the community i believe it does having been born her and lived here for the last probably 35 years.
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so it's a pleasure to be here i hope i have not spoken two long. thank you (clapping) >> thank you. i saw that supervisor mar has arrived. >> i've been at every one of these for 10 years it's wonderful i think one of the key expressive with regards is units all the asian pacific islander groups antonio as a chinese-american i benefit from not only knowing the heritage but the asian pacific islanders and many other. i want to thank dr. from the academy because their promoting creativity and innovation. i know as a former market study
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teacher many of our educational institutions are cranking out the young leaders because it's the creativity and innovation and sticking your neck out advances our community. thank you very much to the awards go up for choosing the great honorees but 10 years congratulations and thank you for vans the asian-american community and it promotes the brighter future and innovation for all of us. thank you claudine (clapping) >> thank you, eric. i want to introduce mark representing at market the chairperson of the board of the ap organization heritage board for nonprofits trying to raise money and support all the
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activities. mark >> thank you, everyone (clapping) pleasure to be here not only do i serve as the recreationalation agent for at&t as the chairman of the board of the civic american heritage foundation it's a privilege to be the chair but san francisco we don't need the federal government to announce the heritage of asian-americans we do that 3 hundred and 65 days a year and if i could just for one moment shift from my at role i'd like to ask our folks to obtain standing so thank you. i all for your hard work. i hope everyone lee will come out on may 5 it's a pleasure to
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be the honoring the recipients. >> we're lucky to have more supports from target we have casey with the human resources manager at the targeted thank you. it's an honor to be here today representing target as a bay area native it's great to be living in san francisco. part of my job farther is city toward is hiring a difference and targeted team to weigh employing employ around 8 hundred team members from your
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san francisco community. another facetious thing of working for target we give back every year 5 percent of your income that is over $4 million every single week that goes directly into our community. for our other thing we like to give back to our community in the form of volunteering volunteering so we've given back over 4 hundred hours from january to now. i'm thrilled to make that even more hopefully doubling that. thank you very much for having us here today, we're excite to be part of the foundation and continue our partnership thank you. necklaces we very, very excited we're excited that our outgoing sponsors come back and we also. or want to put a warm welcome
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we're protest of our support and hoping i'll bank with us this is chris the recreational manager of northern california (clapping.) what a privilege for that a u.s. bank to join the list of keep in mind companies that have been supporting apa heritage we believe in giving our time and talents and checkbook too important causes i'm proud of raymond kim our district manager serving open the board as vice chair and he talked me into writing the check. i'm a second generation immigrant to to country my grandparents came ear from greece at the turn the century
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we share 3 common things. the importance of education being one, i remember it was never an option to go to college just where and number 2 hard work the importance of working hard at whatever you do strife to be you're very best. my like to tell my employees if you think you're going to be successful out hard work you'll be better off going to the 7 eleven and buying a loiter ticket. we understand it takes a village and in this case, it is the world best city of san francisco and coming together 0 work together we're all about that today. so i want to compliment each of you and having the qualities to
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bring this together and i'll leave i with one of my 235ish9 quotes i condition to celebrate need of each of us where we are one. thank you (clapping.) so i authenticity before we go to announcing and inviting our co-chairs asia recipients i want to backtrack and talk about the friends many of the san franciscans they really mate not have an idea the amount is for the american heritage month. i hope you'll take the posters bag to our offices and communities as we also are going to have throughout the month of
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may the s a on cable stations sfgovtv with china channel 2 cpu many media partners and thank you for helping to put our psa on channel 2 of this is a 30-second p.s.a. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the main thing is asians